On November 15th, 2018, the opening of the new studio took place, with more than 200 guests. “Sensorial Experience” was the concept, which intended to discover emotions through the senses in every corner of the place.

The essence of our designs became tridimensional and surrounded the guests with a setting of lush green leaves and flowers that scented the rooms with eucalyptus, pampa grass and peonies.

While the guests enjoyed an exquisite selection of flavors, the characters of the magical performance, directed by Miuki Madelaire, entertained them with their boundless fantasy. In one of the rooms, a theater play created by Josefina Pieres invited the guests to interact with the actors, around a romantic picnic coming out of the landscape of our scenic wallpaper “La Fábula de Pehuén” [The Fable of the Pehuen].

The exquisite cocktails scented with herbs, spices, flowers and fruits from Monkey 47 added to the experience. The traditional flavors of Catena Zapata and Nespresso delighted our guests as well.

The party ended with a live show of the band “Indios”.

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